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You are working from home wrong! Escape the city to work anywhere with the remote working revolution

Updated: Jan 21

Are you bored of mundane routines in expensive, poor-quality accommodation, aka a small flat or a spareroom in shared accommodation.

I find everything gets boring if its repetitive, especially when in the same uninspiring place. And I’m not alone, 63% of people feel the same.

With the rules of working changed, it is now our opportunity to escape the city, to live, work and explore anywhere.

We are talking about beautiful locations with a beach or mountains on our doorstep.

Optimise for your lifestyle and happiness

We believe in operation escape the city to optimise for your lifestyle, your productivity, your hobbies and your happiness.

Your commute and before / after work activities could be surfing, hiking, skiing, climbing, cycling, mountain biking, art, swimming, yoga, bat and ball, kayaking or sailing. It’s endless.

Why do we need to escape?

We have worked to survive, to pay for our commute, our expensive living environment, and return home in the evening with minimal time to cook and do something exciting with friends. So, we pay for our Netflix subscription and flick through Instagram.

Working in cities has created a live for the weekend mentality. That’s 104 days a years that you have freedom to live your life. O wait, 124 days including our desired holiday to re-energise from the pressures of our city work life.

But you are still stuck a long way from the countryside or seaside to enjoy any of the hobbies above. No Bondi beach for Londoners.

Does this resonate or are the social connections that a city provides to good to give up? [Welcome comments to this question]

How do we choose your office to do your best work

Only you know where you can work most productively.

As mentioned by Richard Branson on flexible working:-

“we treat our employees like the capable adults they are, encouraging them to find a better balance between their work and private lives, and through this balance they become happier and more productive.”

Are we treated best when at University where we are given freedom to work hard on our terms? We all managed to meet the deadlines whilst doing exciting activities.

So do you want to work in the office (1), at home (2) or anywhere (3)…?

1. Well, by enduring that painful commute and the many office distractions, the office does however have its benefit. We are provided with fit for purpose office equipment that is ergonomically comfortable leaving no saw backs and we have greater social interaction to keep loneliness at bay.

2. On the other hand, working from home in your flat or shared accommodation, does the opposite. More time to enjoy without a commute or distraction – a bit of chess in the evening inspired by The Queens Gambit…

However, your home is not fit for working especially if you are in a spareroom. Limited space and equipment can make a day’s work uncomfortable. Your local Starbucks could be a better option if your not on Zoom.

The increased productivity of 13% is a sacrifice that can lead to loneliness without social interaction

3. Best of both worlds. Have a co-working desk and your living environment by the beach or mountains to have hobbies to look forward to.

No commute. Productive, fit for purpose workspace. Amazing scenic views to drive creativity. An interactive social community. Explore beautiful seaside / countryside.

With an unproductive 9-5 broken, you can get sh*t done with excitment to enjoying endless experiences 7 days a week.

Conclusion - Stop working to survive.

Gambit stands for a player sacrificing material, usually a pawn in chess, with the hope of achieving a resulting advantageous position.

Would you sacrifice your city life for a more advantageous lifestyle in nature with 10x more activities?

Most of us are no longer controlled by our employer, and therefore can choose our location to meet our desired lifestyle.

We believe remote working is the future for a better lifestyle but escaping the city to co-living spaces by beaches or mountains is the dream.

Shuffle Life is empowering you to work, live and explore anywhere, in beautiful countryside and seaside locations with co-living.

A community living trend to foster the best living experience and meaningful social interactions. Private en-suite rooms with beautifully designed shared spaces, awesome amenities, and curated events. Think games room, co-working, cinema, gym, kitchens, library, and lounges.

Unlock the way to live and click here for more info

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