Plush, Dorset

Work. Live. Play. Remote.

Providing Everything You Need Without A Commute

2.5 hours from London


Cabin in the wilderness

Our sustainable off-grid wooden cabins blend in with the quiet and serene scenery. The large glass windows merge you into nature to relax under the stars and listen to the rustle of the surrounding greenery. All whilst being warmed by a crackling wood fire

The Experiences

Cycle through historic country villages, hike or run the Dorset Gap (paths carved into the hills from the middle ages), explore an iron age fort, go wild swimming in a local town, get consumed in nature whilst meditating and climb the local cliffs. 

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Local Amenities

Sustainable living is about living locally. Enjoy the numerous idyllic country pubs, get creative with food from the farm shop and chop your own wood.

Our cabins provide all the relevant utensils to cook, socialise, and play games with other remote workers

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