The next best escape since Narnia's wardrobe was closed

Reset your environment by escaping to an off-grid cabin nestled in nature

Fancy this as your cabin view in Dorset? The next 100 who join our waiting list get £25 off for our launch in July

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The Shuffle Life Mission

Life is boring when stationary so we want to connect an exciting adventure to our communties work-life.


Stay and explore beautiful landscape to: 

Work productively & creativly to achieve goals

Disconnect with unlimited outdoor activities  

Build meaningful relationships based on experiences and tales of adventure



We provide adventure seekers with the tools to live a life with endless possibilities

Our Accommodation


Our sustainable off-grid wooden cabins blend in with the quiet and serene scenery. The large glass windows merge you into nature to relax under the stars and listen to the rustle of the surrounding greenery. All whilst being warmed by a crackling wood fire

Powered by solar and wind power


Composting toilet and eco-friendly soaps leave nature untouched

Unlimited outdoor space to adventure cook over a wood fire or sunbathe under the midday sun

Ultra-fast WIFI for working productively (easily switched off to disconnect)

Recreating Living

Hiking & Cycling

Surf & Yoga

Art Classes

Forestry Classes

Games Evening

Book Clubs

Barbe Parties

Walking in Nature

Our adventure community have access to multiple one-of-a-kind locations anywhere

Image by Kimson Doan

Shared experiences build relationships that last 

Our Locations

We don't just offer a location, we provide a social network where our members can help each other build businesses, explore new places, and conquer new hobbies

We are creating a collection to connect you with beaches, forests and mountains across the UK & Europe. Explore for 7 days - 3 month+

We are 100% eco to reduce our carbon footprint and give back to our planet 

Brecon Beacons


Isle of Wight


Dorset is launching in July

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Our Community

Build relationships when you want to or spend time alone to work productively or relax. But never work home alone again 

We are creating an inclusive community that honours explorers, makers, learners, creators and doers from all walks of business & life 

Our community lives for excitement. They are free to explore new places, conquer new hobbies and share stories of their journey

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Shuffle Curious? Get first access to our cabins in Dorset launching July

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